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Programa Bicultural y Bilingüe del Colegio Concertado Los Naranjos en Fuenlabrada, adscrito al programa Bicultural y Bilingüe de Ucetam (Unión de Cooperativas de enseñanza).


El programa Bicultural y Bilingüe tiene como objetivo facilitar capacidades de comunicación en inglés al mayor nivel de excelencia posible. Desde este programa pretendemos  lograr en nuestros alumnos un dominio de la lengua hablada y escrita, aplicando un modelo activo en el que los alumnos participan de forma creativa, aprendiendo a comunicarse de igual forma que lo hacen en su lengua materna.

No es equivalente al bilingüismo que lleva a cabo la CAM, pues no hay una evaluación de áreas o materias en lengua inglesa y no tiene repercusión en la promoción del alumno.

El proyecto presenta un resumen de los niveles de desarrollo del inglés para cada destreza básica (comprensión y expresión oral, y comprensión y expresión escrita), persiguiendo una fluidez total en su comunicación en inglés.

Educar en Inglés, convivir en el aula las dos lenguas y culturas. De ahí la presencia de auxiliares nativas con alta formación y procedentes de las universidades colaboradoras desarrollando el proyecto idiomático paralelo e inmerso en el desarrollo de las actividades lectivas de los alumnos.

Es la convivencia de la Lengua Inglesa en las aulas ampliando el tiempo de práctica idiomática en todos sus aspectos para así alcanzar el grado óptimo de comunicación de los alumnos en lengua inglesa en un proceso de inmersión Bicultural y Bilingüe.

CBC, programa bicultural y bilingüe en lengua inglesa se realiza dentro de la enseñanza concertada gracias al esfuerzo de familias y docentes.

UoCTSS Middlebury


Durante el presente curso realizaremos diferentes actividades, dejando algunas fotografías como muestra de las mismas.

CURSO 2022-23


1st term

American Culture …….. Childhood.

American Culture …….. 1st-3rd.

American Culture …….. 4th-6th.

2nd term

American Culture ……… Childhood.

American Culture ………. 1st-3rd.

American Culture ………. 4th-6th.

CURSO 2020-21



American Culture 1st Term……..

American Culture 1st Term…….. 1st-3rd.

American Culture 1st Term…….. 4th-6th.

Immersion Week (Infantil Viernes)

To finish our Immersion Week we got to watch two fun and magic shorts. One about a magician and his rabbit and the other about four friends who have magical trips on a rocket. It was so fun!

Immersion Week (Infantil 5 años Jueves)

We have learned so much about magic this week that we are almost qualified magicians too! And to show just how much we know we have created magic drawings using our new found magic powers. Art is magic!

Immersion Week (Infantil 4 años Jueves)

Today we got to become true magicians by creating our very own magic wands, complete with a magical star or moon which holds all the power. But shhhhh… it’s a secret.

Immersion Week (Infantil 3 años Jueves)

We have loved learning about magic and how to do new tricks that we want to be magicians too. To look the part today we made wizards hats so everyone will know just how magical we are! A little bit of paper, some paint and just a touch of magic and we are magicians!

Linguistic Immersion Festival (Primaria Jueves)

Today we spent the day emerging ourselves into a world of fantasy. We got to watch a magician do tricks, participate in our very own Indiana Jones casting. Learned about feelings with the characters from Inside Out and even went back in time to dance Grease style. To finish it off we went Back to the Future with music. Today was incredible fun!

Immersion Week (Primaria Miércoles)

Today we are the stars! This week we are learning all about movies and Hollywood. We know so much that we even get our own Hollywood Star, handprints and all! We are famous!

Immersion Week (Infantil Martes)

Our favourite magician is back! Just when we thought she had nothing new to teach us, she goes and performs some magic tricks and even shows us how we can too!

Immersion Week (Primaria Martes)

Once more we have given Master chef a run for its Money. Today it was our turn to take our spin at ice-cream. Only a few ingredients, some not too professional mechanics and only ten minutes were our challenges to create this fan favorite
delicious dessert. It was awesome!

Immersion Week (Infantil Lunes)

He might not be the best magician in the world but we had a lot of fun at his show. His magic wand has super powers and with it he can do amazing things like transport spots and making objects disappear and reappear. Do we have to go back to normal class? We want more tricks!

Immersion Week (Primaria Lunes)

This year our teachers have prepared an amazing Escape Room for us. We had puzzles, questions to answer and even a secret code to decipher. All to find the sweet treasure awaiting us. Learning English while playing is the perfect mix!

Immersion Week (Lunes)

On Monday 3 rd and 4 th grade got to do an awesome escape room that was super fun.
Well today it’s our turn. We got to do a gymkhana based on different Disney films such as Dumbo, Pocahontas, Ratatouille… It was the best ending to our English Immersion Week 2020!

NOV 2019

🦃 Thanksgiving!!!
Yesterday’s thanksgiving festivities, the students learnt and embrace the American culture by learning more about this historical date.

CURSO 2018-19


May 2019


American Culture 3rd Term…….. E. Infantil.

American Culture 3rd Term…….. 1st-3rd.

American Culture 3rd Term…….. 4th-6th.


Viernes 31 de Mayo


Today was the last day of English Week at Los Naranjos and we can’t imagine a better way to end it. A magician came to show us spectacular trick and we even got to participate. It was so much fun. We still don’t know how he did it. We love magic.


We finished the English Week watching a cartoon serie called Trollhunters. We only had time to watch the first and the second episode but we want more. There are 52 episodes divided in 3 seasons and we would like to watch them all.

Jueves 30 de Mayo


3 años

Red + White = Pink; Blue + Yellow = Green; Yellow + Red = Orange; Red + Blue = Purple; We worked with paint learned something amazing: if you mix two primary colors, you get a whole new color. How do you get brown? black? Can’t wait to try!

4 años

Paper is art. We use it to write poems and song lyrics on, draw pictures from the imagination…Today though, we used it to create animals through origami, the Japanese art of folding paper. We made a dog and a fish and had so much fun we even got to give them names.


Today we had special visitors. The Improving team came to Los Naranjos to make us laughing and have a great morning by performing different shows all about one topic: Kenya. Storytellings, music, magicians, puppets… We were laughing from 9:30 to 13:00 and our faces hurt. It was so fun and we will repeat next year because they are fantastic.


We learned a little bit more about the most famous visionaries and their inventions but in a unconventional way. “Alexander Fleming” the magician taught us how to kill bacteria with some tricks. Einstein, Marie Curie, Galileo Galilei and Pasteur helped as well.

Miercoles 29 de mayo 2019




We spent Wednesday afternoon playing loads of games. How many games can you play with balls and chairs? A lot. It was fantastic and we laughed the entire time.


Don’t say anything. We know, we look awesome. These custom visors make us the coolest kids in school.


ROAR! Lions are in the school, but don’t worry, they are friendly lions. So friendly, in fact, that we are taking them home with us.


Is that Bruce Lee? No, it isn’t. Is it Jean Claude Van Damme? No, it isn’t…It’s Uri! Our English teacher is a box of surprises. He can do everything! We love him.


We are not in Kenya but look at these houses! We could be architects! Check out some of our designs. Creativity is our surname and we love doing crafts.


Wow!!! The United States is enormous. We learned about the different regions and states, what monuments to see, where to go and what to eat, all thanks to the best English teachers, Chryss and Uri. We have quite the road trip planned, better than any travel agency.


We could be the next kickball champions. We have trained hard and well but we all know the most important thing is to have fun playing.

Today, it was out turn to do a craft and in our case me made: Rainmakers!!! What is that? you may ask. It’s an object that imitates the sound of a storm brewing on a summer night. It was so easy and now, even when it’s sunny, we can hear the rain whenever we want.


Today, students from 3º ESO and 1º Bach worked on English proverbs and they all agree: it was so cool and they had a lot of fun. Everything is ready for tomorrow’s show and we can’t wait.

Martes 28 de mayo 2019


We made a dreamcatcher. It’s a beautiful craft and tonight we will sleep in safe and sound, protected from bad dreams. Thanks Uri and Chryss.

Can you imagine your own galaxy? We can and did. first we created our own planets and then used them to create our very own Solar System. We don’t know how big the space is but we will explore it when we grow up.

Who is the king of the jungle? Do you know?  We do! The lion. A fierce and dangerous animal in Africa but… look at our lions… Very cute, aren’t they?

We learned the African people are very good at art, they dance well, they create beautiful paintings and artwork and rhythm runs in their blood. We made a Yembé and now we can create beats of our own.


We are preparing for showtime working hard on our topic: Visionaries and Inventions. People everyone knows by name but not why they are an important part of history.

Lunes 27 de mayo 2019


Wow!!! Our ELA is not only a teacher. SHE IS A MAGICIAN TOO!!! She did tricks so amazing we couldn’t believe our eyes. For a moment we were at “Hogwarts” and we want to go back.


We started English Week watching a film. It was so cool because we love Monsters Inc., Sulley and of course, Mike Wazowski. If it is the first activity of the week, we are can’t wait for whats next.

5º y 6º

Masterchef Junior ended the 13th of January 2019 but “Masterchef Los Naranjos” started today. We think that children can be good chefs and we wanted to prove it. We made mugcakes in 5 minutes. You only need 6 ingredients, a microwave and the secret ingredient: the desire to cook.


In secundary we worked on english proverbs. We didn’t know anything about it but it was so cool and we enjoyed a lot. We want to do more activities like this.

April 2019





We’re learning about cowboys and farm life! Today our first graders learned new farm vocabulary through a presentation with images and fun explanations and then did a write and color activity to put that knowledge to the test!

Our 2nd graders are all for the animals! We are continuing our study of Animals this week tackling insects. They learned the identifying characteristics, the names of different types and to finish the lesson a identification worksheet where they had to color only the insects.

We´re “kicking off” the new term with a new sport: American Football. We began by learning important vocabulary and game rules through various speaking activities. This week, the students created their own teams, picked their player positions, made a “football play” and a “victory dance,” and then acted it out in class.

This term, our trip through the US continues in the Midwest. Students are learning about major industrial cities like Detroit and Chicago, as well as the importance of food production in the rural areas of this region. By now, students have earned stamps in five cities across the US in their very own mock US passports. Our students are racing quickly through the country!

Today we did an activity where we explored two popular pop songs in America and how different songs made us feel and think as well as compared our thoughts on what the songs were about to the artists intended meaning. We discussed the differences between the two different music styles and named the different instruments used. The students also got to discuss which song they preferred and why.

We have “turned the page” this second term to begin exploring short works of fiction. The students have learned the differences between myths, legends, fables, and fairy tales. After reading a few modern and classic stories in class, our students have created their own fables and acted them out for their friends. Our students are quite talented characters!


St. Valentine’s Day



American Culture 2nd Term…….. E. Infantil.

American Culture 2nd Term…….. 1st-3rd.

American Culture 2nd Term…….. 4th-6th.

December 2018


This holiday season we have recreated Santa using cotton balls and creativity.

In second grade we made tree ornaments using craft paper and a tin from a coke can.

Santa came and got stuck! We saw him and helped him out.

In fourth grade we made 3D reindeer christmas cards and twisted paper wreaths! All your decorating needs in one class.

We did a double wammy with Christmas ornaments and New Years resolutions, using both our artistic and linguistic abilities.

We used our creativity to create a snowman, one that wouldn’t melt. Then with our ELA we  played a super fun game, White Elephant, where we got to blindly exchange gifts, some useless, but still fun!

November 2018


Los chicos y chicas de 3º A han realizado un villancico en inglés, con letra y música originales, y con la colaboración de profesores y auxiliares de inglés, así como de los profesores de música.

¿Queréis ver lo bien que se lo han pasado haciéndolo?

Mirad, mirad…

31st October 2018


We made a fantastic bat with our english teachers. It was very easy to make it and we enjoyed a lot.

We are not afraid of ghosts because we control them into our cups and scare you if you try and look. We also made an skeleton.

This Halloween we made a lot of things: we made a witch, a Jack o’lantern, and learned about the Day of the Dead. It was amazing.

This year we played a Halloween board game and created an incredible Jack o´lantern using only two or three materials. Let your imagination fly.

We are the best artists in the world. ARTISTS in capital letters because not only did we make a moving skeleton we also wrote scary stories.

22nd November 2018


Hoy empezamos a elaborar un menú muy especial con nuestros Auxiliares de conversacción Chryss y Uri!!

This week we have been learning about and celebrating Thanksgiving, one of the staple holidays in the USA. Every year the date varies because it is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, making this Thursday the 22nd of November Thanksgiving day this year.

Thanksgiving is a holiday we celebrate by gathering with our friends and families, sharing a large meal and giving thanks for different things in our life. In the USA it is celebrated  almost with as much enthusiasm as Christmas ( the next big holiday) by decorating houses with Autumn colors, leaf wreaths, pumpkins and cornucopias as well as making holiday specific foods like pumpkin pie, roasted turkey and sweet potato everything…

It’s a holiday where families who don’t see each other during the year are able to come together and eat and talk and play and there is always a selection of Thanksgiving movies on TV for everyone to watch.

This week every class has learned a little about the history of the Holiday, why and how it is celebrated as well as participated in different games and crafts. Some have given thanks with dedicated words, some have prepared plates of traditional Thanksgiving food, some have put turkeys back together and others have learned to sing along to songs about the holiday. Overall it’s needless to say, it’s been a fun week here at Los Naranjos School.




American Culture 1st Term…..E. Infantil 

American Culture 1st Term…..1st-3rd

American Culture 1st Term…..4th-6th

CURSO 2017-2018


Totem poles are a symbol of native american values and memories. The carvings may symbolize or commemorate cultural beliefs that recount familiar legends, clan lineages, or notable events. Students created their own mini totem poles.



!st grade students continued their learning of Native American culture by creating a teepee. They colored the bottom of the teepee either red or brown because that signifies the Earth, and the top with different colored shapes representing the sky, and in the middle they drew different typical Native American symbols. In the end we joined them all together to have a small Teepee village


Students in 5th grade were tasked with creating a presentation about their village. Each student had to include pertinent information such as: title, location, typical food, and activities. Then they delivered an oral presentation to their peers so everyone could learn about their village. In the end we took a map of Spain and everyone put a post it with the location and name of their village.


As a cap to our Native American section each student created a Native American Headdress. The headdress is a significant part of the culture. Feathers are earned for different completed tasks, goals, and accomplishments.


One of my favorite activities is this fables activities. Fables are stories with animals as the primary characters and they have a moral to learn from. In 6th grade we take existing morals and alter the slightly. We then create a whole book and proceed to go down to first grade and read them all the different fables. I feel it is a great learning experience for all parties involved.


Students created a Saint Nick for a Christmas craft. They accomplished this by using a bottle tab as a frame of reference for the belt buckle. Rounded out by circles old Saint Nick came to life.


On Tuesday, Students from all of primary and ESO were able to enjoy showtime performances in English that ranged in topics : Wild west, dance, sports, cooking, and voodoo.

In 1st – 4th grade Monday and Wednesday were used to create crafts. 1st and 2nd graders created an Abraham Lincoln craft and 3rd and 4th graders created the crown to the statue of liberty.

On Friday, 5th and 6th graders cooked up some ice cream. We followed a recipe and used normal ingredients, ice, and salt to transform milk, sugar, and cream to ice cream using just a little bit of elbow grease. They were then able to enjoy their concoction.

Throughout the week, all primary students participated in games in English, as well as some short videos that were accompanied by worksheets.







On 25th June 2018


El pasado día 25 tuvo lugar la entrega de los premios de la 4th EDITION ROBERT OWEN CINEMA CONTEST.

Felicitamos a María y Arancha, así como a los alumnos y alumnas participantes en el corto presentado: HISTORY OF CINEMA (English workshop 5th and 6th grades) por el gran trabajo realizado y su bien merecido ¡¡¡TERCER PREMIO!!!


Igualmente recibimos en dicho acto el certificado acreditativo del nivel alcanzado PLATA NIVEL 2.




American Culture 3rd Term……. E. Infantil.

American Culture 3rd Term……. 1st-3rd.

American Culture 3rd Term……. 4th-6th.



American Culture 2nd Term…….. E. Infantil.

American Culture 2nd Term…….. 1st-3rd.

American Culture 2nd Term…….. 4th-6th.



American Culture 1st Term…..E. Infantil 

American Culture 1st Term…..1st-3rd

American Culture 1st Term…..4th-6th

CURSO 2016-2017

On 26th June 2017


El pasado día 26 tuvo lugar la entrega de los premios de la 3rd EDITION ROBERT OWEN CINEMA CONTEST.

Felicitamos a Miriam y Arancha, así como a los alumnos participantes en los cortos: “ZOMBIES” Y “THE FRIENDSHIP”.


Crónica oficial en Blog de UCETAM.



American Culture 3rd. Term….. E. Infantil.

American Culture 3rd. Term….   1st-3rd.

American Culture 3rd. Term….   4th-6th.

On 6th March 2017


On Monday we enjoyed with the storytelling Busy Bee. It was so funny and we participated in it!

See Gallery.

We made lots of Busy Bees with our teacher Iván…do you like them?

See Gallery.

On 14th February 2017


What a beautiful month to celebrate LOVE. This Valentine´s we spreaded our love to our families with some fantastic and fun valentines for our loved ones.

In 3 we made some Trees of Love for mom and dad completely hand crafted.

In 4 we made some hearts to share.

In 5 we wanted to shoot out love with some awesome Cupid´s Arrows.

Happy Saint Valentine´s Day!”

See Gallery.

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Graders

See Gallery.



The 5th graders are experiencing a popular American culture new years tradition which is making a new years resolution, a promise to yourself to make your life better or happier.



American Culture 2nd Term…..E. Infantil.

American Culture 2nd Term…..1st-3rd

American Culture 2nd Term…..4th-6th



We did some crafts for Christmas !!! We were playing, enjoying and learning English doing differents things listening and singing carols …

It is the season! Wishing everybody Happy Holidays, we enjoyed our crafts as much as we hope our families will. Keepsakes done by our artists, with all the happiness in their hearts and their little hands.

See Gallery.

On the 14th/december


El miércoles 14 de diciembre, por la tarde a las 19 h. tuvo lugar en el Centro Cultural Buero Vallejo de Alcorcón el IX FESTIVAL DE VILLANCICOS, organizado por UCETAM.

Nuestro centro estuvo representado por los alumnos de 3º A, que interpretaron magistralmente CHRISTMAS TIME IS COMING, un villancico con letra y música original, creado por nuestro profesor Carlos Piñeiro.


On the 24th/november


Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays in the USA.

At “Casitas” we wanted to give our thanks to our friends sharing our lives and sending home some beautiful handcrafted turkeys. Don´t forget to always thank your families and friends.

See Gallery.



Continuing our program to get close to our world, this week we´ve been learning about Fall. And what better way than using games, songs and crafts? And MAGIC!

We transformed autumn fruits into our works of art.

Here are some examples.

See Gallery



American Culture 1st Term…..E. Infantil

American Culture 1st Term…..1st-3rd

American Culture 1st Term…..4th-6th



5th and 6th : students learned about the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico.

5th graders made marigolds and 6th graders made sugar skulls which are traditional decorations on an altar.